Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Count down to show down

Why does it seem that only at weird times I find myself here. . . . It's 2:15 am. . . . I finally finished packing for Florida. I'll be married in four days and 10 hours. Married . . . . gosh. When I was 16, I swore I'd be married by 22 (shoot, I thought that when when I was 21, LOL). When I passed 25, it seemed that marriage would never come. I can blame myself if that though. I dated, but never considered anyone I dated as a potential husband. So here, I am, 29 years young (hee, hee) and marrying a wonderful man. We drive each other crazy (gosh, he can be irritating as a hemorrhoid), but just yesterday I was lying in the bed thinking, our great days are so wonderful, the hiccups are so forgettable. Sometimes while we are arguing, we burst into laughing cause sometimes the arguments are so ridiculous and they are more about playing the other side of the coin than any true issues/feelings. We do have our down moments, but I think we work hard to make sure they are just that, moments. So tomorrow (well, actually today in like four hours) we'll be getting his rental car and I'll be jumping on my flight. For clarity, the kid doesn't fly so he's decided to drive to Florida . . . I have to complete so many errands so I can't drive down, but I believe I'm going to drive back up. So let the whirwind begin . . . . I can't wait for it to get here.

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