Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Mii is chubby

So I dusted off my Wii and put my Wii fit in the system.  It was kind enough to remind me that I last visited in November of 2009.  So I step on the Wii board and held my breath (cue elevator music for the 10 seconds that seems like 30 mins) . . . . "Ok"  and I step off the board.  I look at the screen and say . . . great, my Mii is chubby.  Seriously, check her out

Sure it says normal, but my Mii is round about the waist - kinda like me -  and that "Normal" line seems dangerously close to "Overweight."  I guess I'm supposed to be happy since apparently in November I was heavier (is that my silver lining?)

So what motivated me to get in the scale?  My best friend and I were reflecting on the noticeable tighter fit in our clothing (okay, the real story is she busted the seam in the dress she put on  that morning and I almost split the zipper in my trousers on the same day; our clothes are literally trying to send us a message.

So, we decided to be diet buddies.  We'll support each other and suggest food and fitness plans.  Sounds like a great plan, right.  So she said lets start today . . . . hmmm . . . I started thinking about the Rice Krispies Treats, Kit-Kat bars and cookies I had stashed in the house and suggested we start on the 1st of May . . . . I should be able to finish of my treats by then . . . right???  So for the next few entries, I will be focusing on eating better and exercise (blah).  Hopefully I can stay the course.  If anyone has great websites for easy to make healthy meals please send them my way.  I eat out for just about every meal so this is going to be a shock to my lifestyle.  So hopefully within the next six months when my Mii checks out her booty, her love handles won't get in the way.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Strength through Sorrow

I have read on many occasions of parents-to-be who are excited and looking forward to their little one who is on the way suddenly be told that they had to say goodbye that day.  I've known people who lost their babies and its always a sad thing to hear, but today it hit so close to home.  My husband's best friend and his friend's girlfriend were expected a little one.  Tonight his friend called and said that she was in the hospital in active labor.  She was only 18 weeks pregnant.  Usually the day you find out the gender of you child is filled with joy, giddy laughs and "I told you so's".  Instead, he found out that he had a son when they handed him over wrapped in a blanket.  He looked at his son in his arms.  He expected to hold him in that manner in 22 weeks from now.  He would have a son he could throw a football to, teach to drive a car and give advice.  Instead, he held him 22 weeks early and his son would never experience those events with him.  It broke my heart.  Of course, I can't help, but ask the question, "Will this be my story too?"  Will my husband and I be like his best friend and have to say goodbye without a chance to even say hello?  It's amazing how you can love someone who isn't even here yet.  I'll be going to the store to try to find a card to express my condolences.  Although I know that it won't ease the pain, I want them to know that people care and are thinking about them.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

30 is the new . . . . . . .


I had a GREAT birthday.  It started with my husband showering me with some nifty gifts.  He gave me a Tiffany gift card that became two beautiful charms for my charm bracelet.  He took me to lunch.  He bought me an earpiece for my cell phone (much needed since my original iPhone I refuse to get rid of isn't working properly).  He bought me two bottles of the new Halle Berry perfume.  And then came the totally unexpected, icing on the cake of the wonderful birthday I've had, he took me to the opera.  What!?!?!?! You heard me.  We got dolled up and went out to see Porgy and Bess.  It was great.  Tomorrow will be another full day, this time with my friends, but this has been an AWESOME birthday.  I guess 30 isn't so bad. . . . .