Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh. Em. Gee. (OMG)

The first time that I can recall hearing that acronym was in that Cingular commercial where the mother is upset about the phone bill and she approaches her daughter about it (you the know one famous for "IDK my BFF Jill"). I love when AT&T revived it and Grandma said she was texting her BFF Rose. Well, I'm not big on that acronym, but here is my "OMG" moment.

I met with my doctor today for an appointment. I was late for our 3o minute appointment (I was there on time at 2:30, but was in the car inhaling my lunch from Chick Fil A, I was so hungry), so I didn't get to ask all my questions. Luckily we have a phone consult scheduled for when my blood work results come back. We addressed several areas that I was concerned about, she told me to start taking vitamins and she ordered my blood work. So I walk down to the lab to get my blood drawn and . . . . . wait for it . . . . . OMG!!!!! They took 8 vials for blood. It was "only" eight because I had just had some blood work done for my annual physical with my primary care physician (cholesterol and glucose, yeeeessss, didn't have to do the fast again) or it would have been more. It seemed like the DRAINING of my vein would never end. All I could think was, well, I'm glad I ate or I might have fainted right here on this chair. After the vampire-ish ordeal was over, I was sent on my way. Oh drama. 


  1. Hey Lady! My first follower on my pregnancy blog! *does flips* I canNOT wait for you to start trying to get pregnant! Til then, I'll just read up on all the fabulous things a newlywed does! :-)

  2. You are such a good story teller