Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who am I . . . .

Good question.

I'm a woman, a fiance', a Delta, a probation officer, an Aries, a Seventh-Day Adventist, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a tutor, a singer, a dancer . . . . but is that who I am? Or is that what I do?

Like anyone, I've been fashioned by the hand life has dealt to me. I've had trials, I've had triumphs. Many choices made, if given the chance to do over would definitely result in a change . . . places I've gone . . . . people I've "seen." Thinking back to some of the choices I've made makes me question myself, "Who was that girl?" Does she even know what she's doing? So as I've matured and grown, I reflect and ask myself, "Who am I?"

I am head-strong and I have an ATTITUDE. At the same time, I cry for commercials and my heart sinks when I see the missing pet signs. I'm mean . . . I'm sweet . . . I'm guarded . . . I'm open . . . I'm curious . . . . I'm disinterested . . . I love hard . . . I hardly love . . . I'm interesting . . . I'm boring. I'm organized confusion and ambiguously straightforward. I'm a work in progress . .
I. Am. Ms. Understood

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  1. Wow you are an Aries and Adventist?! We have lots in common! I went to an Adventist school from 2nd grade to sophomore year of college. I went to Oakwood in Huntsville. And, I'm also an Aries and fully identify with you whole last paragraph! Nice to meet u!