Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Mii is chubby

So I dusted off my Wii and put my Wii fit in the system.  It was kind enough to remind me that I last visited in November of 2009.  So I step on the Wii board and held my breath (cue elevator music for the 10 seconds that seems like 30 mins) . . . . "Ok"  and I step off the board.  I look at the screen and say . . . great, my Mii is chubby.  Seriously, check her out

Sure it says normal, but my Mii is round about the waist - kinda like me -  and that "Normal" line seems dangerously close to "Overweight."  I guess I'm supposed to be happy since apparently in November I was heavier (is that my silver lining?)

So what motivated me to get in the scale?  My best friend and I were reflecting on the noticeable tighter fit in our clothing (okay, the real story is she busted the seam in the dress she put on  that morning and I almost split the zipper in my trousers on the same day; our clothes are literally trying to send us a message.

So, we decided to be diet buddies.  We'll support each other and suggest food and fitness plans.  Sounds like a great plan, right.  So she said lets start today . . . . hmmm . . . I started thinking about the Rice Krispies Treats, Kit-Kat bars and cookies I had stashed in the house and suggested we start on the 1st of May . . . . I should be able to finish of my treats by then . . . right???  So for the next few entries, I will be focusing on eating better and exercise (blah).  Hopefully I can stay the course.  If anyone has great websites for easy to make healthy meals please send them my way.  I eat out for just about every meal so this is going to be a shock to my lifestyle.  So hopefully within the next six months when my Mii checks out her booty, her love handles won't get in the way.


  1. Aww, your Mii is cute! My Mii looks like an orange. Im off to explore your blog.

    Welcome to Sits!

  2. I have heard the Wii is quite honest. Good luck on your quest.

    Welcome to SITS.


  3. did you just join sits? yay! sits is a great way to meet new bloggers. i am glad you found the site. :) just stopping by to show some comment love! have a wonderful day!

  4. Stopping by from SITS!

    I have a Wii on the way (weigh? lol) and am looking forward to getting the Fit and Balance Board, soon. Though, somehow, I don't think I'll be sharing that screenshot for a while!!!

    I've used the Menu Mailer from for years--6 dinner recipes with side dish suggestions and itemized grocery lists per week--and it makes planning and prepping meals much simpler, especially if you're not already in that habit.

    Good luck!

  5. Hey Ladies. Thanks for stopping through and thanks for the welcome.

    Scraps, you are going to love the Wii Fit package. Enjoy it. And thanks for the website suggestion. I'm going to check it out.

  6. lmao @ the Wii reminding you of your last workout. I heard about that! How funny!

    Your plan to be diet buddies with your friend sounds good! I find that I'm most motivated when I have someone doing it with me, to be accountable to.

  7. Hi Yakini. Yeah, it felt the need to let me know my lazy butt hadn't been on it in almost six months. I love your blog (in fact, I actually just commented on it and came back here to see you commented here earlier).

  8. I love my Mii! Also my WII instructed is cool when she compliments my yoga position, but she can be very rude at time.
    Just like you I am monitoring my health... but now I am little bit worried about doing too much exercise due to my plan :). For this month I will eat healthy food and do more yoga but less aerobics and box-exercise which can be intense.

    Good luck with your fitness ;)!

  9. MsBP, the Wii on a whole is so addictive. I haven't done the boxing (quite frankly anything) in a while, but when I did the boxing on the Wii Sports my arms would be soooo sore. I need to get on that cause my arms are looking too flabby/no definition.