Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How often do you do it . . .

Every time he takes you to your favorite restaurant for dinner?  When he brings home that necklace you've been eyeballing for weeks?  Whenever he mows the lawn or serves you breakfast in bed?  Or is it the simple things that bring it out of you.  When he holds the door for you to walk through or when he helps you to put on your coat?  What does it take, for you do it?  How often do you say Thank You?  What?  You thought I was talking about something . . . Oooh, you nasty . . . 
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It's easy to remember to say it when you receive the big things, but do you remember to say Thank You for the simple things?

Right now, I'm gonna take this opportunity to send a big THANK YOU to CK and Becka at Made By Bedtime Tales for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award (#3) and to Ms. Baby Plan  at The Baby Plan for awarding me the One Lovely Blog Award.  Both awards ask you to list 7 things about yourself so I'm cheating and combining.  
  1.  I had the highest road test score of anyone I knew (98% lost two points for driving too slowly) until I met an ex who told me he scored 100%.  To this day I think he was lying.
  2. I'm usually a happy blogger, but the one thing that ruffles me is when people don't even read my post, but use the comment section to post their 30 blog links and twitter aliases.
  3. By the time I was two years old, I had already lived in three different countries although neither of my parents were in the military.
  4. When I was 16, my father bought me a Gucci watch.  When I was 21, it was stolen.  I would love to buy myself another one, but I can't rationalize spending that much money on a watch when I don't wear them.
  5. My husband married me for my looks, not my cooking, LOL.
  6. My laptop is pink.  My camera is pink.  I have a pink coin purse and a pink wristlet.  But I hate the color pink. (I buy pink things because it reminds me of breast cancer awareness)
  7. When I laugh uncontrollably, I snort.  Not repeatedly like a pig , but every now and again one slips out.
*Here's a bonus.  I dislike long posts (especially long posts written by me), so I'm going to inform the award recipients of their awards directly.

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  1. Haha! Congrats on the award! I love hearing about the 7 things! You always learn new things about people. I think number 6 is so funny!


  2. I snort too. But not like a pig either. ;)

    I love the new blog!! Big fan!!

  3. Congratulations on the blog awards! I dislike the color pink, but love any shade of purple that's why baby girl's room is lavender.
    p.s. I scored 100 on my driving exam (after failing it 3 times, LOL!)

  4. Congrats on your blog awards. I snort sometimes too. :(

  5. You rascal! You tricked me! I was thinking of the very nasty you alluded to. But we say Thank You often and try to teach it to our daughter, too. I say thank you even when the hubby brings me a glass of water :) It's the nice thing to do.

    And congrats on the awards!

  6. Congrats on your awards!! I totally disagree with your #5!! ;-) I think he married you for your "inner beauty" not your looks!! Since we all know looks fade...Keep up the good work!!

  7. Well, congrats on the awards, of course! And I'm glad to know that I snort too!

    I totally thought you were talking about doing the nasty...was trying to figure out if I was gonna lie or tell the truth!

  8. I've been missing in action lately...and, well, I've missed you! your posts really get to me. thank you for showing your true self!

    the pink thing is really something! I can NOT picture you snorting but I am guessing its ADORABLE!

    yes, I agree..those who promote in a comment irritate the crap out of me. I called someone on it once and she stomped all over me. Told me that everyone she met in the blogger world was kind and nice, EXCEPT for me :)

  9. I don't think you're human unless you snort! :)

    Congratulations on the awards and I love TMSG!

  10. Fun post and yes you did draw me in thinking about something else. It's important to remember to say thank you, especially to those we take most for granted.

    So thank you for this reminder and the little peek into what makes you you ;-)

    from Babes about Town

  11. Stopping in from SITS. Congrats on your awards.

    I admit it, I was thinking something else. But you're right about saying Thank You. That and I Love You are probably the two phrases my husband heard from me the most often.

  12. LOL!!! I love that so many of you totally thought I was talking about quality time in the horizontal (or somethings vertical . . . perpendicular . . . oh wait, back on topic) position. I'm going to link the seven awardees in the comment section because part of the award is to showcase the recipients so I'll be back with that soon.

    DD - "inner beauty" totally makes me thing I look like a pig. . . guess that goes along with my snort . . . LOL!!!! (lets hope both beauties stick around for a while)

    I'm so happy to see so many snorters with me :) lol

  13. Why did I know that wasn't what you were alluding to in the title? lol. Great post. I like the seven things. #2 is spot on. lol @ #5.

  14. Congratulations on your award, and you sound like a very appreciative, loving wife.

  15. LOL at #7 :)

    I'll admit - I do this too! Ridiculous!

    Lamb’s Most Recent Post: YUCK! Sexy Nerd Has a New Hobby

  16. Okay . . . Better late than never right??
    All the recipients are getting both awards . . . because I'm lazy.

    Demilaw at Image of Paradise - My Best Friend :)
    Alexandra at Good Day, Regular People - Her blog makes me laugh
    E. Payne atMakes Me Wanna Holler - Great Dad blogger
    Lisa at Raising Future Leaders - Inspiring blog to read
    Audrey atChronicles of a Future Wife - Great blog for single, Christian women
    K. Rock at Don't Get Excited . . . It's Just Me - Frank and honest blogger
    Rhonda at Motivation Mama Drama - Rhonda makes me wanna get up and go running (I said makes me want to . . . I have quite yet gotten to the running part)

    Enjoyed your awards!!!

  17. Congrats on your blog awards!!! Loved reading your 7 things. I can't believe you don't like pink. :) Thanks for thinking of me! That was so sweet of you. Looking forward to passing them on.

    Lisa xoxo

  18. Great post! I really like that you remind me to say "Thank you". =0) Everyone deserves gratitude for even the smallest things. (especially the kids). And congrats on your awards. It's really neat to see how many people actually snort . . . like me. =0)

    Hope you have a great week filled with Joy.


  19. OH! Miss Understood. I LOVE that I make you laugh. I will never get tired of hearing that I make someone happy.

    It's my way of telling myself that I make the world a happier place.

    Thank you. My award is knowing that you had a better day b/c you stopped over here.

    I truly love that.

    THANK YOU!!!

  20. I agree, I hate when people don't read my post and just say Hi, come visit me here here and here.
    I love that you have a pink lap top. You and I are a lot a like, I don't have a pink lap top but almost everything else I own is pink :) I love that your husband married you for looks and not your cooking, haha, so funny :)