Monday, August 24, 2009

Having the cold sucks donkey balls

Yes, that's exactly how I feel about the matter. I'm sick. What good is staying home from work if you don't feel well enough to do anything??? And let me tell you something, Nyquil is a narcotic . . . . seriously. I don't know if I got a bad batch that had, I don't know . . . . . cocaine in it, but it had me doing some weird stuff. Night before last, I literally lay down on the floor and went to sleep, but the kicker is, I told myself as I got down on the floor, "this is really weird, don't do this." I'm not sure how much time passed, but I eventually woke up and got into the bed. Needless to say, I didn't take anymore Nyquil. So I'm taking Dayquil . . . . less weird stuff, but weird stuff none the less.

Anywho, well, we're getting married in 41 days. *blink blink* Serious reality check. I need to get stuff done STAT!!! I still have to do the aisle runner, parasols, favor tags, programs and menu cards. I think that's it . . . . . oh wait, I have to buy the fiance' his wedding present. He wants me to tell him exactly what to buy for me . . . . :-( I like surprises. I plan on giving him a three fold gift. So far I bought the cutest little Duke baby booties (we're a house divided as I'm a UNC fan) as my promise to extend his lineage. The second will be my promise to keep it sexy (looking for the right lingerie) and the third is my promise to listen (I'll demonstrate this by purchasing the gift that he has mentioned wanting). For right now, we're just waiting for the RSVPs to roll in, but we both keep saying the same thing. We can't wait for it to get here already!!! We're ready to move into marriage.

The other item for which I had an October deadline is my law school application. I've made serious strides, but I want it to be just "so." It's taking quite a bit of time.

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