Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Part deux

Yes . . . . I'm still sick . . . home all day . . . . can't do anything . . . and it still sucks donkey balls.

But being at home has given me the opportunity to browse the net , participate more in my message board and just relax (which is probably what my body needed after being away for a week for work). So, I was speaking with a girl on my message board about fashion and my lack thereof. Don't get me wrong . . . I got a boatload of hott shoes, great purses, and accessories out the whazoo . . . it's just that pesky issue about having to have clothes to go with them that plagues me. So, based on the tips she gave me, I created a new wardrobe on polyvore.com (which is the bizzness). I was even able to pull in some of the items in my closet (that previously looked so blah), into the outfits with the staples she suggested and they can have new life. I can't wait to leave the college intern behind (clearly I'm a late bloomer seeing that I got my Master's SEVEN years ago) and walk out the sexy, sophisticated executive.

View 'New Look' on Polyvore

As you can see, several items are repeated, which shows the versatility of the outfits. I also tried to give both winter and summer options within the same outfit. So, I'm bout to be a wife, might as well get my grown and sexy on now.

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