Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm in withdrawal . . . and it sucks

Happy World Fitness Day!  I planned to start my healthy living journey on May 1st (after I ate all the snacks I had stashed in my house).  While reading this post on My Brown Baby blog, I learned that the day I selected to start was a worldwide day for Fitness.  So here I am, excited and ready to go from jiggles to muscles . . . right? 

Well, I guess I'm supposed to be excited, but not so much.  I'm sitting here thinking about how tasty a Kit Kat bar would be right now and about how satisfying a (pack of ) Grandma brand vanilla creme sandwich cookies would be.  I have something of a sweet tooth.  I LOVE sweets, so this is going to be the hardest thing for me.  I don't care about sodas, alcohol and juices (I don't drink either; only water, kicking that habit last month was actually easy).  Fatty comfort foods aren't really a problem either, but candies and sweets  . . . . sigh . . .  So as a result, I'm going through withdrawal.  I know that  I can have sweets occasionally and it won't be an issue.  I plan on getting some Dove dark chocolate bars, since they are apparently a "good" chocolate.  I also plan to get a boatload of healthy snacking foods (like dried apricots and the little tangerines, which are like candy to me - yummy).  I got my grocery list from Women's Health Magazine.  So tomorrow, I'll be going shopping.  

So when you start anything, you should want to have some kind of goal/expectation.  Where do I want to end up?

LOL, not likely.  It's not even really where I want to go.  I would like to just be flat in the tummy area with toned armed arms (like Michelle Obama) with over all great health.  More so like this . . . .

I know this is not an over night thing.  I don't have a weight goal, I just know what I hope to look like.  Hopefully I'm happy in the end.  For right now, I'm going to make myself a snack of peanut butter on some raisin toast. Yum!


  1. good luck on your weight loss journey! i wish you luck! when I was doing weight watchers, I used to take two chocolate graham crackers, spread a thick layer of cool whip between them, and freeze. it made a low calorie ice cream sandwich.

  2. Best of luck on your journey. I always thought it took some courage to be confronted with your own virtual twin on Wii Fitness. Kudos to you.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  3. Good luck with your fitness journey! Yea, the 2nd picture is more realistic. I will start working on that goal once I have another kid. I refuse to do P90X if I know I'll be pregnant in the near future. I wanna get my workout's worth, lol.

  4. AndreaLeigh - That DIY ice cream bar sounds delish!!! I will definitely try that.

    FL Girl Meets MW - Thanks for the well wishes and for stopping by.

    Sheena - Yup, #2 is definitely the ONLY realistic pic where I'm concerned, LOL. I'm trying to get healthy so that even when and if I get pregnant, I'll have better eating practices (and won't eat three and four servings at the buffet, LOL). Oooh and it sounds like you're planning on some upcoming baby making. Congrats.

  5. Hang in there! Carrots or celery or apples smeared with peanut butter is a good, sweet snack when you want something more substantial.

  6. I hear you - sugar is DEFINITELY my downfall! I've heard frozen grapes are really good (I've never tried them for some reason). Good luck with your journey and thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Oh - and my husband just saw my screen and that picture of that ripped woman and was all, "Who's THAT?" lol

  7. GL w/ the fitness journey...I, too, need to get back in shape. I've started eating more smaller meals throughout the day and adding more fiber (grapes, honey nut cherrios, etc) to my diet. Hopefully, pounds will start falling off.

  8. Scraps - Thanks for coming by. I like peanut butter so I'll try it on the carrots and celery. I really don't like apples. My stomach always feels queasy after I eat them for some reason.

    Cheryl - LOL @ your husband peeping the ripped chic. I am planning on going back to the store tomorrow to get some more healthy food items. I'll make sure grapes are on the list.

    Mrs HB - Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with your diet plan. I am also doing smaller meals multiple times per day.

  9. Good luck! I need to do this with you. I don't have weight to lose, but I have mom belly to get rid of. I need to exercise. Bad.

    Did you see the study they did on rats that likened sugar and junk food highs to that of heroin? Those withdraws are serious!

    Dry fruit is my candy, too. I love dried strawberries and pineapples. They are amazing mixed with nuts. Have you tried fiber one bars? They are ok for dieting. The fiber helps to regulate the release of all that sugar in your body so it doesn't lead to weight gain.

    Followed you over from Sits!

  10. Good luck! I have decided to drop weight recently and it is slow process. But I'm also not going to beat myself up about it. I don't even really have a specific goal...I just know what it will feel like and what I will look like when I hit it. Does that make sense?

    Good luck!

  11. Melissa - I am not surprised that the study produced those findings. Sugar has got to chemically alter something in your body because the removal really does take a toll. Thanks for stopping by.

    GFS! - Yeah, I'm really taking it slow and not looking for overnight results. I get exactly what you mean, you know what you want and when you see it, you'll know you arrived. Thanks for stopping by. I am definitely going back to check out all those shoes you got over there.