Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh for the love of gadgets

My husband and I spent the better half of yesterday online at Apple's website trying to buy the phone of the century decade year moment, the iPhone 4.  No such luck.  We're Mr. and Mrs. Gadget over here and Apple has seen a  pretty penny of our money with our Ipad 3G, two iPhones and an iPod Touch.  (The gadgets don't stop there, I have a touch screen slow cooker, LOL)  I've decided to wait until I can get the iPhone in the store to purchase mine.  He's going to pre-order and have his delivered.

On to the purpose for my post.  For the past several months, I've been wanting to purchase a big girl camera.  I've asked around the blog world and gotten suggestions from some very helpful ladies (thanks Megan @ Twinsomnia and  Katie @ Katie's Dailies)
Canon PowerShot Elph SD1100 IS
photo credit

Canon EOS Rebel XS
Megan @ Twinsomnia uses this camera and if you check out her blog, you will see how gorgeous her pics are - although it might be the skill of the photographer, not just the camera.

Features include: 10.1 megapixels, EOS integrated cleaning system, 2.5" LCD screen, external flash mount, SD/SDHC memory card compatible, 3 frames per second shooting and a host of other features.  This one retails at the big box store for $499 and comes with the the camera, lens, camera strap, software, two cables, the battery and charger. photo credit

 Nikon D70
Katie @ Katie's Dailies uses this camera and if you check out her blog, you'll see her amazing photos there as well.

Features include:  6.1 mega pixels, 1.8" LCD screen,  external flash mount, 25 custom settings and a number of other features.  This camera was introduced in 2004, yet it still sells from between $1500 - $2000 new.  In the box: camera, lens, strap, software, cables, lens cap, battery and charger.  photo credit

 Canon Rebel T1i
While checking out the previously listed cameras, I found this little beaut.

Features includes: 15.1 megapixels, HD video capture, 3" LCD screen, 3x optical zoom, face detection, 3.4 frames per second shooting, EOS integrated cleaning system and a number of other features.  I found one online from a pretty popular site for $734 that in addition to everything in the box (camera, lens, strap, eye cup, cables and software), it included some additional software -an 1.5 hour video course on using the camera, an extra battery and a shoulder carry bag.  photo credit

I will be honest.  When I saw these prices and knew I had the money to pay for a camera at this price, I couldn't help but think, why not get this gorgeous little shoulder carry bag for about the same price instead (LV Montorgueil PM MSRP $800).  photo credit

I'm still on the hunt.  Anyone else looking for the perfect camera?  Any other suggestions out there for cameras?  Anyone think I should just get the purse instead?? LOL (my little pink camera would fit in this just fine).  I wonder if I just say the word "gullet" if I could post this on the WOW blog hop.  They'd probably shove a a camera down my gullet if I did (LOL).


  1. Hopped over here from the comment you left me. Thank you again! I have the Nikon D60, and while I have no useful knowledge of the in's and out's I can say that I absolutely LOVE my camera. Being able to switch out lenses puts it on the same level as the others for me. Keep in mind I have no idea what I'm talking about. But I do love it. Dearly. It goes everywhere with me.

  2. My vote goes for the Canon Rebel T1i can't give you all the geek talk about it lol but I can tell you I love the quality of the images and what I have been able to do with it so far. Not that you could tell by that last post in which I'm giving my husband a kiss but some of the other pics on my blog were taken with the Rebel and those that are not even photoshopped :)

  3. I think I love you. Nice surprise use of the WOW!

    We;re doing the camera hunt too...but I think we're going to finish our house hunt before the camera hunt.

  4. I like my little Exilm digital just fine. It's much smaller than these and could easily fit in that purse.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  5. I don't know anything about pictures and stuff. Most of the pictures I take for my blog are taken with a Kodak Easy Share digital camera or my camera phone. I'm not ready to move to the big leagues yet.

    I do have an Ipod touch though and I love it.

  6. I adore gadgets but I am far too cheap to buy anything that has just hit the market. I am definitely a late adopter!

  7. Apple Addict here! My husband doesn't understand it, but I'll have him addicted soon too. As far as the camera, I'm saving for a Canon Rebel. Hopefully, I'll have one by the end of the summer. Let me know which camera you decide upon.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  8. You ROCK!! That was fantastic!!

    I want a big girl camera too, but knowing I could get the LV instead, I might do just that ;)

  9. I LOVE my Canon Rebel, and my little Sony Cybershot! But you can tell from some of my pics that I LOVE LV as well :)

  10. camera camera camera. You can never have too good a camera. That's my vote. I love this post by the way, when I am in search of my big girl camera some day I know where to go for short reviews!

  11. I have the Canon Rebel and I'm a photographer on the side. LOVE my Rebel!

  12. I also have a canon rebel - actually, I'm on my second. love it, but its all I know :)

  13. Oh! A big girl camera - YES! And an Apple addict too. A woman after my heart. I love the Apple store and right now my great love is my fiance's new macbook pro 17 inches. It is so light! I would steal it but it's a work computer.

    I got a big girl camera at the first of this year. Best money I ever spent. It's a Nikon D3000. I just wanted a beginner DSLR with both lenses that I could learn from. It's GREAT. I heard Nikon's images are a little sharper than Canon but really, they are all very much the same. You will LOVE whatever you get. It will change your world. I am excited for you!

  14. We just purchased an ipod touch for our daughter. Her BD is the 26th. I can't wait to check it out myself...because I want one...or the iphone...or any other techy gadget out there! lol

  15. I have the same Canon you do, on my last vacation I took to Key West, I had the camera in my bag with my liquid tanning oil and the oil spilled in the camera making the screen impossible to see (I can actually see the oil when I tilt the camera moving inside there). It seems like everytime I get a new camera either something goes wrong with the battery, manufacturing, I lose it or I damage it. I can't keep a decent camera for 2 years, so I won't be rushing out to get anything more expensive than the Olympus or Canon's I've invested in the past.
    I have though been looking into a camera for the boo though, since he's interested more in photography than I am. Thanks for posting this, at least I have some starting points.

  16. I have the canon rebel, and I'd definitely choose that over the bag :) Way cute bag though!

  17. Ha, ha! Your entry made a giggle!

    And I totally get your train of thought on the dollar amount spent, and wouldn't it be more fun on a purse. :)

  18. First of all, I love your random insertion of the word "gullet". lol Too funny!
    Like Roxanesdays, I also shoot with a Nikon D60. I'm in love with it! Though if I had to choose between a purse and new camera I'd be stumped. There's a Coach Poppy purse that I'm dying to have so I feel your pain. lol
    Thanks for stopping by yesterday. Good luck with the purse/camera hunt!

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  19. I'm so glad I stopped here from SITS, I am looking for a good camera...and you did an incredible job here. THANK YOU! I'm following you now, awesome post.

  20. Thanks for the Camera post.. I am camera hunting myself! Wow, you and your husband have the best gadgets!! I was excited when I got my keyboard purple Sprint phone, lol! I have a hard time with all these new gadgets, I can't even figure out how to answer my kids phones.

  21. I need a new camera, so thanks for the suggestions. We are a big gadget house too and sometimes it drives me nuts. Not the gadgets themselves, but all the manuals, cords and batteries!

    Nice use of the word 'gullet', BTW. :)

  22. Oh, thanks for the nice compliments on my pics!! Get the Canon rebel, get the canon rebel!!! I love mine.

    Although that purse is awfully cute.