Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I ran away from home . . .

I can't remember how old I was and I can't remember what "pushed me over the edge," but I do remember trying to run away from home once.

Yes, TRYING to run away.  I packed my little bag, mustered all my anger, girded my loins (LOL, always wanted to use that in conversation) and walked my little too grown behind out the door.  I walked ALLLLLL the way to our retaining wall and sat for probably 10 minutes, but it seemed like 10 hours.

Yeah, they'll be sorry when they see I'm gone. . . tick tock tick tock . . . yup, they'll be crying and sad and come looking for me . . . . tick tock tick tock . . . I finally gave up and went back into the house.  I don't think they even noticed I was gone.  Or maybe they saw me sitting on the wall the entire time and were laughing at me from their bedroom window.

Fast forward, to present, three of my girlfriends and I "ran away from home"  this past weekend and had a girlfriend road trip.  Before I give you the snapshot of our weekend, allow me accept this award from Tica @ Tica Tattleteller.  To accept this award, I have to say where I see myself in 10 years and then pass in on. Okay, in 10 years, I'll be forty . . . wow . . . and I see myself celebrating 10 years of marriage, raising two children and traveling more (hopefully visiting one of the places in the blog award pic).  I'm passing this award to Momarchy, The 5th Girl and The Baby Plan. Thank you Tica for the great award.  It's amazing how it fits with my post, LOL.

So, my girlfriends and I hit the road, fleeing the DC area, and drove the Atlanta, GA.  I mentioned before that I'm Seventh-Day Adventist.  All of our churches are connected under one General Conference.  From last Wednesday to next Sunday, all of our churches around the globe have descended upon Atlanta like the plagues of Egypt come to Atlanta to fellowship and conduct meetings/elections.  We saw old friends, I met up with a classmate I haven't seen in 12 years and, of course, did some retail therapy (GA sales tax is a murderous 8%, but it's better than DC's 10%). We even drove through the set of a zombie movie, which initially FREAKED US OUT because there was a car on it's side and it looked like it was an accident.  (When the movie The Walking Dead comes out, if you see a silver Dodge Charger with four chics looking completely bugged out, that's us, LOL).

During the drive back, we all said we wanted to stay in Atlanta, but jobs, husbands and a plethora of bills beckoned us to returned.   We're already in talks for our next run for the border.  The Word of the Week (WOW is plethora, which means overabundance, excess).  Come play along in this word meme by the Nerd Mafia. (click on pic for link)


  1. Yay!! I'm glad you had a fun weekend with the girls...I could definitely use one of those :)

    And you threw plethora right in there...it fit perfectly!

    Congrats on your award....and on using "girded my loins" in conversation!

  2. Congrats on the award! And Im glad u enjoyed ur trip - wish u cud have stayed longer!!!

    And yay for being a Sabbath keeper, I am a Seventh Day Baptist. I dont think that came up in our convo, did it?

  3. Girls weekends are the best!! Love your use of the WOW word too. :)

  4. Sigh...yes, a plethora of bills. Never ending...but from my perspective, a reason TO run away, not a reason to come back! LOL!


  5. I'm so glad you had fun! My husband pouts if I leave him home alone :(

  6. Nothing wrong with a grown up escape plan! I have to settle for my hour at the gym as my little escape every other day! But good for you, glad you had some fun, maybe we can live vicariously through you for a minute. lol

  7. This is a great story! I love hearing about your stories when you were a kid, too. It makes me think that I should write some of my stories down too :)
    Thanks for stoppin' by bedtimetales... so fun! I am really enjoying this "pen pal" stuff :)

  8. I would love to run away for sometimes. The last time I had a girlie holiday was two years ago, I definitely need another one.

    Thank you so much for the award, wow I am lucky gal! xxxMsBabyPlan

  9. I agree with Carrie K. I love to read your childhood stories!

  10. Congrats on the award! :)
    My bf's favorite word is plethora- when we first met I was impressed with it, now he's plethorized the word so I'm tired of hearing it. lol
    Glad you had some time to get away. I hope to do the same (not-church-associated though) girlfriend time next month for a weekend! It's my bday- :)!
    I grew up SDA- I don't miss those days of no fun on Friday nights and all day Saturdays but I must say I do miss our family devotionals...now I attend an AME church.
    I like that word challenge, I might join in.

  11. You are so nice to give me an Award, my first one. A big THANK YOU!

    OK I totally ran away when I was little. I packed my little suitcase, traveled two blocks away from home, on foot mind you, and ended up going back because I got hungry. :)

  12. I would love to run away, too! I love your blog, cool background and awesome banner pic!

    What a fitting award, too! Sounds like you had a fun get away....for a plethora of reasons!

  13. I heard about that conference going on this past weekend. Hope you enjoyed the city. I hope it was hot enough for you.

  14. I am so glad you got a girls weekend out!! Those are the best!! LOL @ your runaway story.. i did the same thing.. nobody cared, I came in when I smelled dinner. I've got to get back to Word up Yo! I love that meme! Have a great weekend and thank you for your positive vibes.. your comments make my day!

  15. I like how you tied together the story of running away in your youth with your weekend get away. I can tell you had a blast...I have a plethora of laundry to do, excuse me while I go get some chores done...LOL!

  16. I'm from Chicago, and the city of Chicago has a rate of 10.75%!

    I remember wanting to run away, but I never packed a bag and left.

    Thanks for joining in!

  17. I ran away to my back yard when I was eight!!! Thanks for visiting www.peacefuldivas.com

  18. Thanks ladies for sharing your run away stories, LOL. They made me laugh. And thanks for enjoying my silly childhood experiences.

    Ms. Green - Nope we never talked about Sabbath keeping. Now we have another thing in common.

    Tracey - Thanks so much again for the blog award. I know a lot of people who used to be SDA. It's not particularly the easiest to stick with.

    We're already planning our next getaway, so I'll probably blog soon about the locations we're considering and I'd love suggestions too.

  19. Hi. Stopping by from SITS. I ran away too was I was very young. I packed walnuts and hit the road until I got to the corner. I came back home because I wasn't allowed to cross the street. :) Your weekend with the girls sound like fun. I'd like to go to Atlanta one day. :) xoxo

  20. Sounds like you had a very well earned holiday. Zombies and shoes and friends.

    And how is it I always end up the last one to the party on this blog?

  21. Hop on over to my website to receive your blog award. Thanks for blogging with substance:)

  22. I ran away from home for real back when I was a teen...I'll be sure to tell you the story some other time,cause it's a very long story.

    I really thought it was clever how you tied in a story from your childhood, a blog award, a present adventure, and the word of the day that is really awesome and very creative of you :)

    Thank You for being so kind and passing this award to me I feel honored and will soon be posting and passing it on =)

    And Congratulations on receiving this award yourself and receiving the above award that Susie Q has given you of blogging with substance I think you really deserve that blog award I always enjoy reading your posts.