Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You wanna know what's gross??


I don't know why I thought something that was supposed to affect my colon would taste yummy . . . Not so much.  I opened it a raised I eye brow because it looked nothing like my yoplait yogurt that I'm accustomed to eating.  After stirring for about 15 seconds, trying to make the consistency look normal, I took a taste . . . Can you say BLAH.  I likened it to paste then thought, "Why do I know what paste tastes like??" . . . Oh yeah, 3rd grade, Elmers glue and a dare.

So as I continued to eat my cherry flavored paste, I decided to look up the ingredients and compare it to yoplait light.  It has more calories, more sodium, more carbs and the same amount of sugar.  Okay, so what's the benefit of eating this crap?  Oh yeah, Bifidus Regularis, which according to the website, naturally occurs in your colon.  That led me to wonder where'd they get the bifidus they put in my yogurt.  I quickly moved on from that thought.  So what's the purpose of this bifidus?  The site states, " Activia every day for two weeks delivers enough Bifidus Regularis to help regulate your digestive system by helping with slow intestinal transit." Source  So hold up.  It's slowing down my system?  Isn't that going to cause constipation?  That can't be good.

Hmmm . . .  I guess I was right . . . maybe it is paste.


  1. Yet another reason to never eat yogurt!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. I agree, that stuff is gross! It's all in the marketing. I LOVE yogurt, but that stuff is so heavily processed. I've found the best thing for improving digestion is kefir. Have you heard of it? It's like a drinkable yogurt, but it has a lot more beneficial bacteria. I have a few blogs posts about it recently (and another coming up tomorrow).

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  3. Jenny - LOL. I guess I should be happy that it doesn't make me gag. Thanks for stopping by.

    Melissa - Thanks for the suggestion. I'll be by your blog tomorrow to learn about kefir. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. thanks so much for stopping by!

    ugh, that cherry paste sounds nasty! for some reason, i'm imagining that it tastes like chalky pepto bismol. gross. i just take acidophilus pills for my gut. works wonders and you don't have to taste a thing!

  5. Yeah, so that was gross. Stopped by to say hi. Enjoy your evening.

  6. I prefer my yogurt as natural as possible--the organic Greek yogurt is great for getting the active cultures that keep your body chemistry in line without weird ingredients to muck things up.

  7. Get the regular flavor and then add jam to good, fruit chunk filled jam. Makes it a million times better!
    Oh and have you see the Kristen Wigg/Jamie Lee Curtis SNL commercial for activia? One of the funniest sketches ever!

  8. Some of the stuff they claim is good for you...I have doubts, can't help it!