Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nobody puts Baby in a corner . . .

You know that line from Dirty Dancing where Johnny/Patrick rescues Baby/Jennifer from the corner her father made her sit in (if I'm totally showing my age and everyone here is to young for this movie, here is the clip ).

I wish I had my very own Johnny when I was in Kindergarten because that's what they did to me.  They thought I was a baby, so they literally put me in a corner . . . away from the other students.  Why?? Because I had already completed Kindergarten, but I was only 5 years old.  They didn't want to put me in 1st grade. Ummm. . . hello school board, you do the math. If I started Kindergarten at 4, I wasn't gonna be 6 in time for 1st grade.  They eventually promoted me to 1st grade in January (I was still only 5 years old) after four months of sitting in a corner. 

Their actions made just about as much sense as this street sign that is prominently posted at the corner of 6th and F Streets, NW - right by the Verizon Center where the Washington Wizards play basketball (click to enlarge if you can't see what the to one says).

Soooo  . . . can I park or not?  I actually called this sign in and the lady at the call center said, "It says what?? That doesn't make sense." . . . . . Exactly.

Something else that doesn't make sense is my need for things to be in order.  I'm that person you see in the grocery store turn a can right side up and keep on walking.  This is how I store my food in my cabinet.

Why do we have 8 cans of blackeye peas?  It's my husband's doing.  I think he's saving for the apocalypse.  In contrast to the organization I have in about every other aspect of my life, below is  pic of my work bag.  I can barely find my keys in that thing (daily issue) and I'm almost sure if I looked, I could find a receipt from 2008 when I bought the thing.

It doesn't look so bad in the pic, but believe me, it's bad.  LOL.  Everything sinks to the bottom and I think the bag eats it.  Oh, here's a bonus.  The roll of Smarties candy that I have in there that takes all of 10 seconds to devour, takes about 20 minutes of jogging to burn off the 100 calories I took in.  Doesn't. Make. Sense.

Lastly, something that most folks wouldn't guess about me is that I'm pretty mean >>>Insert Shocked Face Here<<< I know!!! Truth be told, I'm pretty nice most of the time.  I try to look out for my fellow homo sapiens, but there is a point in time when if you try to speak to me . . . you will be met with some really choice words.  Bottom line.  Do not wake the sleeping monster.

Case in point, I was in my dorm room napping on a Saturday afternoon.  My friend called my room and woke me up.  Here's how the conversation went.

Ring . . . Ring . . . Ring . . . Ring
Me - groggy and sleepy - Hello??
Friend - Oh, hi.  I didn't think you'd be in there.
Me - iritated - So why did you call me?

The conversation ended pretty quickly after that.  I'm generally not that snarky.  My response didn't even make much sense since people call people they don't think to be home all the time to leave messages (which is what she explained), but like I said, I'm a different person when someone wakes me up.

I can't be the only one who has encountered things that just don't make sense (please please say I'm not the only one cause that means the problem lies with me, LOL).   Whether within you or around you, what have you seen that just leaves you saying "huh??"

I was able to get two stories into one post (LOL).  I hope it makes up for the fact that it's been a week since I posted.  Work has been a killer.  Although it's too late to enter the post, I still used the Word of the (past) Week in this post.  The new WOW will be up tomorrow, check it out at either Natalie's, Kristin's, or Liz's blogs.

* Special announcement - In my penpal post, I said my blog was my private life that no one knows about, well, my best friend has entered blog land!!!  I confessed to her that I'm been living the blog lifestyle for a while now, LOL.  Check her out, she's just getting started.  Image of Paradise


  1. You crack me up. My pantry looks like a tornado (or world war III) hit it.

  2. And because of non-sense phone calls like the one you received from your friend is the very same reason that I just adore the silence button on my cell phone ^_^

  3. I really love reading your posts!

    TTC does not put MsBabyP. in the corner, LOL!

    You enjoy the summer! xxx, MsBabyP.

  4. Love this post. That's it :-)

  5. That was heeee-lar-eee-ous!! I love that clip by the by, showing my age too!!

    I'm in NY and I see signs like that all the fricken time!!

    Nothing wrong with being mean on occasion, it keeps us sane!

    FYI - I'm gonna send you my email...and I'm also going to try to blog more often, thanks for the push! My boss, who was my biggest fan, has gone rogue and hasn't been on me for updates - LOL

  6. I've been trying to use up everything in my pantry. And I'm that person too, that fixes things on the shelves. Especially at bookstores. Lots of things make me go "huh?" but of course I can't think of any right now. Stopping by from SITS cuz I don't understand this chic chick linky contest thingy. Figured I might as well go blog hopping instead.

  7. lol. I'm pretty grumpy when I'm woken up too. Especially when people say they didn't mean to wake me up although they didn't take the measures to be as quiet as they could've been.
    I'm curious to know what the blog lifestyle is- I feel like I'm living it but if it includes the boo getting mad at me as often as he does b/c I spend to much time online then what can I do about it?
    How do I counter this?

  8. I love the employees response to your sign inquiry. This post cracks me up :)
    And, no, I do not think your purse is messy at all. Just don't look inside mine!

  9. I love back eyed peas. I think I have to move in with you just in case of apocalypse.

    Although, on second thought, I'm also pretty snarky in the morning. May not be a good combo. Perhaps I'll just buy some peas.

  10. I try to use EVERYTHING up in my pantry. I know I know...makes for some creative cooking, but I'm just like that....Inever have a thing to donate when food drives come our way.

  11. Ah, the pantry is so neat - I'm I'm forever organizing mine only to have everyone else in the house make it look like a disaster area that should be cordoned

    SITS visiting. Peace. ;)

  12. Your shelves are way too organized for us to be friends. ha ha Just kidding. Oh and p.s. You had me at Nobody puts baby in a corner. :)


    I'm going to check out your buddies blog now. Welcome to the land.

  13. my purse looks the same way, haha. And that parking is hilarious!

  14. Ha! Please don't get me started on street signs in DC. Collectively, the city gets an utter and complete FAILURE on signage and parking meters!
    I'm kinda snarky on the phone too because I generally hate to talk on it.

  15. came back for inspiration on my pantry. It's a mess...

  16. Funny post. My pantry is full of the same stuff too...repeats and my handbag, which I barely use anymore now that I have a diaper bag is a disaster!

  17. Wow girl - your pantry scares me! Now your purse I can relate to - mine is filled with receipts and old grocery lists. Lots of things "just don't make no sense a'tall" to me neither. Like why CAN'T cocktail hour start before 5??